Dr. Paul W. Allen

Dr. Paul W. Allen, DBA

Dr. Paul W. Allen has a bachelor’s in professional accountancy (BPA), an MBA and a DBA in Accounting. Holding the distinction of Professor Emeritus from Mississippi State University, he has authored numerous academic and professional journal articles in accounting and finance, served as a reviewer on many other articles, and has had some of his work republished as chapters in several books.

Even more important than these qualifications, however, is the performance of his own stock portfolio, a portfolio that produced a 38.73 percent annualized return across ten years from early 2003 through early 2013 while, across the same period, the S&P 500 produced a 7.93 percent annualized return. Dr. Allen’s Christian worldview supports the notion that following a wise investing approach is consistent with good stewardship of the financial resources God has entrusted to us.

To encourage others to adopt the same ideal of good stewardship, Dr. Allen is sharing his investing strategy in his book, Choose Stocks Wisely: A Formula That Produced Amazing Returns, so that others can reap its rewards and use those rewards to change the world around them as well.